From Natural Attapulgite to Mesoporous Materials

20191212&ensp·&enspIn this paper we report the synthesis of hexagonally ordered aluminumcontaining mesoporous silica AlMCM41 from natural attapulgite (Alsubstituted Si8O20Mg5(OH)2(H2O)4ܪH2O) without addition of silica or aluminum reagents. A pretreatment process involving sequential mechanical grinding and acid leaching is critical to the successful use of attapulgite as a source of both Si and Al

Bacterial cellulose/attapulgite magnetic composites as

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Palygorskite clay was purified and crushed then mixed with nano Fe3O4 magnetic fluid. After heating and activation treatment a magnetic palygorskite composite was prepared. When the doping concentration of magnetic particles is 24% in mass the magnetic

CN104826601A Preparation method of magnetic

The invention relates to a preparation method of magnetic diatomite and belongs to the field of preparation of an environmentalprotection adsorption material. The method comprises the following steps mixing FeCl3.6H2O NaAc.3H2O ethanediol ethidene diamine and diatomite powers to obtain a diatomite dispersive mixture sealing the diatomite dispersive mixture into a teflon reaction kettle

Waspwaisted hysteresis loops Mineral magnetic

Thus to contribute significantly to waspwaisted behavior a mineral magnetic component must give rise to a significant portion of the total magnetization of the rock. As a result minerals with weak magnetic moments such as hematite need to occur in large concentrations to cause waspwaistedness in materials that also contain ferrimagnetic

Magnetic mineral diagenesis ScienceDirect

2015121&ensp·&enspUnderstanding magnetic mineral diagenesis is fundamental to any field in which magnetic minerals are relevant particularly in environmental magnetism where magnetic minerals are used to provide evidence for a wide range of environmental processes (e.g. Thompson and Oldfield 1986 Verosub and Roberts 1995 Maher and Thompson 1999 Evans and

Preparation of magnetic attapulgite nanocomposite

A magnetic attapulgite nanocomposite grafted crosslinked copolymer ([email protected]) has been prepared via a grafting from technique for the adsorption of Ag +.The results show that the adsorption rate reaches 95% at pH 3 and 80% at 1% NaCl with a 1 mg mL 1 initial concentration of Ag + respectively.The subsequent treatment of Ag +loaded [email protected] with NaBH 4 leads to chemical

Attapulgite/Graphene Oxide Magnetic Ternary Composites

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Preparation of effective carvacrol/attapulgite hybrid

A green antibacterial material was successfully prepared using natural attapulgite and carvacrol by a facile mechanical milling. The stable hybrid nanocomposites were formed after the zeolitic water molecules of attapulgite was substituted by the carvacrol molecules under the effect of mechanical force. It was found that the 30 wt% of carvacrol added amount and the 30 min of grinding time were

Onedimensional magnetic nanocomposites with

2018531&ensp·&enspThe synthesized onedimensional nanocomposites exhibit the superparamagnetism and fast response to an external magnetic field. The alignment of attapulgiteFe 3 O 4 onedimensional nanocomposite along the external magnetic field was demonstrated. It provides promising candidates for building blocks and functional devices which are low cost nontoxic and ecofriendly and opens the